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We no longer offer "competitive MMA" training, we are a self defensive oriented martial arts training facility.

If you're looking for a martial art which trains for practical modern day self defense then this is the program for you!

Our programs combine boxing, stand-up jiu jitsu and Kenpo self defense techniques for effective defensive tatics.
Our classes include physical conditioning, martial arts discipline and mental toughness!


Train when your ready...train at your speed...train in the privacy of your own home...

Use our in-depth DVD training series to improve your martial arts knowledge and performance no matter what your experience level!


The following Free video clips will give you an idea of the depth of the self defense material being instructed at the

Karate Training Centers and in our adult level classes.

Marty Martin's Karate

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Coach Martin's Self Defense Technique Concepts

Do you need a system you can use to imporve your personal knowledge and ability?

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Adult Self Defense


Adult Self Defense


Childrens Self Defense Kenpo Jiu Jitsu DVD's Black Belt Sparring



Marty Martin's Karate Training Center Progams:
Adult Karate – Classes are 90 minutes of Physical Conditioning, Kickboxing, Kenpo Self Defense Application and Stand-up Jiu Jitsu.
Children’s Karate - Classes focus on Confidence, Self Esteem, and Physical Development as well as Self Defense Application.
Teen Karate - Teen Class works on building maturity,confidence and determination through strong application of core values in karate.
Sport Karate - World Class training with Battle of Atlanta Hall of Fame member Coach Marty Martin.
Video/DVD and written materials – build your personal reference library. Train when you want, train in the privacy of your own home, train when you’re ready.
K2 Kardio Kickboxing – the workout with a punch. Come workout with us at the Karate Center or join our unique online membership area.
Jiu Jitsu Training - Ask for details about our Gracie Jiu Jitsu Program
FREE online video training - Self Defense and Sport Karate.
As a professional Coach I am always educating myself on the latest training available. You can too...Check this out Click Here! >>>> MMA Conditioning Coach Certification
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